Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

So I had a rough night with the Mister.
His cousin John returned home from the Middle East, and I understand they wanted to celebrate, but I had to work in the morning, and being kept up till 5:30AM with their ruckus...well it made me not a very happy person.

But then I remembered it's THANKFUL THURSDAY.
And lemme tell ya counting your blessings definitely changes your mood :)

I had Chick-Fil-A breakfast!
I don't care in the slightest that it was bad for me.
It was delicious.

Sushi Exist.
As you can tell from this picture, I'm a little obsessive about Sushi.
So I'm so very thankful that Sushi exist!

So I've been creating my own Iphone cases!
All I did was buy a clear iphone case off Amazon (.80 cents!!)
And then I made these super cute cases using digital scrapbook items!
Now I will never get bored of a case :)
So I'm thankful that God made me creative

So Randy's mother around Christmas saw a sign that had this same saying on it and she had really wanted it, however it was like $50 bucks and I couldn't swing it. I felt really bad, but that is life.
Then this week I was at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store) and I found it for $11 bucks!!
Life is Grand

Went out on the boat this weekend with friends.
So thankful I have an amazing network of friends.

This would be my Pop and my cousins little baby boy.
I am so thankful that my family is so close, and that we get to experience all these wonderful moments together.

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