Did I suddenly become cool over night?
beccaaaaaause...I have 4 new followers?!
Holy Smokes Batman.
I feel like I just won prom queen.
Too much?
Sorry sometimes I let my emotions run away with me!

Real Post Time.

Work Day Wednesday:
Fall Work Day

Today was the first time it actually felt like Fall!
I love waking up with dew on my car, and the air smelling crisp!
Randy is probably going to kill me because I keep putting fall decorations up, but I just can't help it!
I'm addicted to all things old ladyish.

UPDATE: Okay I literally started writing this post at 9:00AM it's now 2:22PM...I got swamped at work and it just was up on my computer all day.

I pinky promise I will post tomorrow!
Good Night lovies!


  1. Thanks for following so I can be as excited as you about new followers:):)