My Bucket List

Alright so this Bucket List is a work in progress from my tumblr
(This explains why some stuff is already crossed off)

My Bucket List

  1. Go To Carnival In Brazil
  2. Scuba Dive
  3. Visit New Zealand
  4. Hold A Koala Bear
  5. Ride A Horse
  6. See Leaning Tower of Piza
  7. Visit The Greek Islands
  8. Find A Job I Love  May 2012
  9. Pick A Hobby That Involves Helping Others
  10. Get Into Shape
  11. Get A Dog  Jan 2012
  12. Have A Retirement Plan
  13. Learn To Let Go
  14. Stop Being Bitter
  15. Ride A Gondola In Venice
  16. Learn To Salsa
  17. Witness A Solar Eclipse
  18. Go Sky-Diving
  19. Run A Mile Without Wanting To Die
  20. Become More Confident At Skiing/Snowboarding
  21. Go Kayaking
  22. Learn How To Fence
  23. Learn Self-Defense
  24. Learn To Cook One Great Meal
  25. Become Fluent in Russian
  26. Learn 5 Songs On A Guitar
  27. Learn To Belly Dance
  28. Learn How To Give A Great Lap-Dance
  29. Be In A Shark Cage
  30. Jump From A Cliff Into Deep Water Hawaii 2012!! Black Rock in Maui!
  31. Learn Yoga
  32. Learn All About Buddhism
  33. Swim In Largest Pool [Chile]
  34. Climb Machu Picchu
  35. Ride In Hot Air Balloon
  36. Go Para-sailing
  37. Go On A Canopy Tour
  38. Overcome Fear of The Dark
  39. Go Bunjee Jumping
  40. Get A Tattoo
  41. Drive A Really Expensive Car [FAST!]
  42. Learn Stick-shift
  43. Ride A Mechanical Bull Feb 2012 @ PBR
  44. Visit Tokyo
  45. Visit China
  46. Visit Thailand
  47. Fire A Gun
  48. Go On A Cross-Country Trip Hawaii/LA/Las Vegas! 2012
  49. Learn To Rock Climb
  50. Learn How To Cartwheel
  51. Go Paint-balling
  52. Go Zorbing
  53. Ride The London Eye
  54. Ride The 10 Largest Rollercoasters
  55. Watch A Live Rocket Launch
  56. Stay In A Treefort
  57. Name A Star
  58. Be In Two Places at Once
  59. Be Better At Sewing
  60. Become A Mentor
  61. Learn To Completely Dominate in Chess
  62. Visit Isle of Skye [Scotland]
  63. Visit Scotland!
  64. Stay At A Bed&Breakfast
  65. Visit India
  66. Take More Photo’s
  67. Become Financially Secure
  68. Foster A Child
  69. Donate To An Orphanage [Time Not Just Money]
  70. Read All The Great Religious Text
  71. Stay In Bed All Day With The Ones I Love
  72. Go On A Safari
  73. Hike A Glacier
  74. Rainforest Tour
  75. Ride A Camel In Egypt
  76. Learn To Surf
  77. Go To Oktoberfest in Germany
  78. Visit All 50 States
  79. Build A Doll House
  80. Learn Calligraphy
  81. Become An Early Riser
  82. Donate Blood
  83. Sleep In A Castle
  84. Own A Beach House
  85. Own A Terrace
  86. Find Inner Peace
  87. Keep A Clean Room/House
  88. Grow My Hair Long
  89. Get Plastic Surgery
  90. Change Flat Tire
  91. Go To Ireland
  92. Live Somewhere Other Than The USA For At Least 3 Months
  93. Drink From a Beer Garden
  94. Try Pufferfish
  95. Have A Boy and A Girl
  96. Paint A Picture Worth Hanging
  97. Lead A More Organized Life
  98. Own A Seafoam Green Balenciaga Bag
  99. Sing Karaoke
  100. Dance On A Bar
  101. Swim With Sea Turtles
  102. Swim In A Natural Hot Spring
  103. Have A Guy Serenade Me
  104. Have My Dream Wedding
  105. Have A Family
  106. Die Of Natural Causes In My Old Age
  107. Be Happy!
  108. Have A Successful Marriage
  109. Get My Other Piercing
  110. Open My Own Tutoring Company
  111. Get A Promotion

What about you?
What are some things you'd like to accomplish before YOU kick the bucket?!


  1. I definitely need to make myself one of these!
    Adorable blog:)


    1. Hallie!
      Thanks so much for stopping in, and trust me it was actually kind of fun making a Bucket List (gives me reasons to PLAN)

      I'll pop over to your blog and be sure to follow along :)