Share a Prayer!

My Nana is pretty much the rock of our family, she is my biggest support and she has never shown anything but unconditional love for us kids.

The past year she has been battling Melanoma and recently we received some pretty discouraging news. However we have not given up hope!
I believe that God will grace us and provide her with the strength she needs in order to be in that
8% Survivor Rate!
I won't even think about another option.
I am praying heavily and I would love if you all would take a moment and share a prayer for her, she is a beautiful woman inside and out and I just know that her time here with us is not going to be short!
I would also like to ask God to relieve our heavy hearts and make them light, so that we too can be filled with positive thoughts and energy to help make her battle easier!

If you would like to post a message of healing or read more about her story, her recovery website is:

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