Okay so I feel really bad that I didn't update at all this past weekend, and I also feel pretty bad that I didn't do the dresser. 
So I promise that I'll do much better this week!


I took my BLS Healthcare Provider Course! It was interesting to say the least...but on the plus side I can now save a life :)

Meal Planning.
I've begun planning all our meals out for the month, it saves us a ton of money on groceries and I never have to wonder what I'm going to make when I get home, I know I have all the ingredients and I know that we are getting all our fruits and veggies in!
(except on Steakum night..that is purely a heart attack waiting to happen)

Randy and I had a rough Friday evening, which left us both brooding for a little bit. I decided to go and get sushi, and let me tell you those delicious little fish made me feel instantly better
(and maybe the fact that Randy and I kissed and made up helped as well)
But seriously if you haven't tried Yama Sushi in Annapolis you're missing out!

So a couple months ago my Nana told me about how she tried this recipe called crock pot lasagna, and I had to give it a try myself...unbelievable, it was cheesy delicious goodness!
If you want the recipe just comment below and I'll be glad to post it :)

Our budget has been so tight lately, so I can't get my nails done like I used too, so I've been practicing my self manicure and I have to admit I'm getting better and better each time :D
I'm in love with this OPI color "Italian Love Affair"
It's the perfect baby pink with a touch of peach!
Super Shiny too!

All in all this weekend was relaxing and wonderful, Randy and I don't get too much quality time together so we were really grateful.
And although Randy and I had a couples spat on Friday, I've learned that all couples will fight, its just how you fight and how you make up that make the difference.
I have to say that I'm blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life who has the patience to handle me and gives me all the space I need in order to cool off and regroup.

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