Randy and I recently went to Hawaii with my family for TWO whole weeks! I know, rough life right?
The only problem with this vacation was that I am absolutely terrified of flying, like I am the worst flyer you can imagine. You know those Newscast where the passenger had to be subdued? Yea. That's Me.
But....My family did try and distract me:

I survived the first flight, where we landed in L.A. (my father was kind enough to break up the trips for me with multiple flights and "city stays")
Our first "City Stay" was in Santa Monica, I loved it! It was such a cute little town, and our hotel couldn't have been more charming :)
Venice Beach I could have done without, there were some serious characters there!
But my little sister and Randy got to dip their toes in the water (I was still recovering from the flight, needless to say I was too busy kissing the ground)

The next morning we embarked on our trip to Honolulu!
We arrived in the early afternoon with plans to go to Pearl Harbor, however we didn't know that tickets had to be purchased in advance and by the time we got there, they were all sold out *super sad face*
We got to swim a little, and we drank lots of fruity drinks at a local tiki bar, and when we said farewell in the morning, Honolulu gave us this beautiful Rainbow!

Next Stop: MAUI!
Maui was by far my favorite Island, it was the perfect mix of nightlife activities and daytime relaxation, we thoroughly enjoyed all the drinkydrinks and desserts :)
The craziest thing we did however was jump off Black Rock, it's this rock in Maui that was used by the Natives to prove their manhood (I guess that makes me worthy?)
It was really hard to swim out to because of the rough surf and then it was a very difficult climb, we had to pull ourselves up, and poor Randy was barefoot and lost a good chunk of his pinky toe, but it was totally worth it, it was about 25ft above the surf and you just leaped out from the ledge!

So Scary!

After our lovely stay in Maui we were off to meet my grandparents in Kauai, it was absolutely beautiful there but there wasn't a lot to do aside from relax.

Last Stop Was Vegas where we won $127.50 off .25 cents! We also saw Cirque De Soleil :)

And that was our lovely vacation
Hopefully we win the lottery and can return once more:

P.S. I hiked this flippin mountain, and lemme tell ya it was no walk in the park!

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