Well Skittles!
I've got my first follower!!!!
(I know. I couldn't believe it either!)
Finally I don't feel like I'm talking to myself anymore!

Now. I won't lie.
At first I was like "oh no...what is my first follower like!?"
What if they are totally dull, or worse what if they are the exact opposite of everything I'm about?!
What if my first follower post had to be about someone who was a crack enthusiast?!
....thankfully my first follower is EVERYTHING I'm about.
She is funny, smart, silly, witty, and did I mention funny?
I was giggling the entire time I stalked her blog.

So seriously. Follow Her.
(I'm hoping that someone else other than her at least READS my blog)
Otherwise I'm sorry Bonnie. I've done my best.

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