First Post!

Alright, this is going to be a little bit of a lackluster first post but I'm all for trial and error!

This is me:

These two boys are my life:

About Us:
We just moved into our house in March, and I absolutely love our little cottage! We are renting for now which is a pain in the butt when it comes to making it feel like my own. I wish I could paint, and add some built in shelving, but for now this blog will be my post on how I make this adorable little rental place feel like "OURS"
My little family currently resides in Annapolis, however who knows where the future will take us!

What My Blog Will Be About:
This little blog will be mostly about my day to day life, keeping our families updated about cool things we may be doing, or the random things that happen throughout my day! It will also be a place where I will post about crafts I may be working on, or redecorating projects! This weekend we are re-furbishing our IKEA dressers so that should make for a really great post!

Alright folks. I think I can wrap up the introductory post here and move on to my Hawaii post!

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