Boyfriend Approved

It is difficult for me to cook healthy, while also feeding my 240lb, 6'5 Boyfriend.
He is always starving, or feeling like I'm torturing him with lettuce and other rabbit food.

I did some research.
I decided to make a steak and potato meal.

Here are the results:
 I grilled the steaks with just some salt and pepper lovin.

The Potatoes though...omg. The Potatoes.
I sliced them all fancy like, and then I seasoned them with sage, thyme, rosemary, and paprika and some olive oil.
Let those suckers bake, and then at the last moment I put some asparagus in the oven as well with sea salt and olive oil.

Seriously. YUM.

I know those seasonings are all really strong, but trust me when you're dieting strong flavorful food will keep you from being bored!

This was perfection.

And Look....It was boyfriend approved!

And that girls is how you sneak healthy food onto your table without your manlymen knowing!

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