When Pizza Happens To Good People

When Pizza Happens To Good People

So has some of you may know, I am doing The Biggest Loser at my work. Basically we weigh in on Monday and pay $1, at the end of the 15 weeks whoever has lost the most weight gets the pot of money and gets to look all hot.
I'm tryna win that shit, This week when I had my weigh in I had lost 4lbs!
Cue Party Music.

My boyfriend likes to sabotage me.
He ordered pizza.
Not only did he order pizza.
He ordered my favorite Philly Cheesesteak Pizza.
I ate it.
A lot of it.
Now at first I felt all awful and depressed and guilty.
And for a split second I even thought about not eating for a day to make up for my bad behavior.
But then I realized.
Pizza Happens.
And Pizza SHOULD happen.

(So Should Cream of Crab soup)

90/10 Rule Man.
90% of what goes in my body is good and happy and healthier, and 10% is junkfoody-delicious-crap.

Now...other than that moment of gluttony
I've been quite good!

Here is a round up of some of this weeks healthier choices:

Banana Chips!
So good!
I got this bag at Trader Joe's awhile ago and it's lasted quite a bit.
They are great when I'm needing something to tide me over till lunch.

Portion Control!

At least two of my lunches this week have consisted of a half cup of Trader Joe's Chicken Fried Rice.
Its so delicious and actually does a great job of filling me up!
I usually pair it with either hummus and veggies, or cinnamon applesauce.

I've got a new Tilapia Recipe so hopefully I'll be able to post that up here by the end of the week!

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