Mahi Mahi Extravaganza

So as some of you might remember, we just got back from the Outer Banks. While we were there Randy caught a bunch of Mahi Mahi that we froze and brought home with us.

Now...I scoured the internet for Mahi Mahi recipes and I decided I would try one and then wing one.
Here are the results of my effort!

We ended up making three different kinds, so I'm sorry if this entry seems a little all over the place, I'll try and get them organized!

Garlic Butter
Alright so I ended up cooking all the Mahi in the skillet, on this batch I used salt and pepper :)
They salt and pepper batch was going to get drizzled with this lovely garlic butter sauce that I whipped up right quick
End Results!

Now we ate this meal with rice and asparagus, but I think in the case with the garlic butter I would much rather have had something heartier like potatoes.

NEXT STOP...Old Bay Town
Now this next batch was Randy's favorite and the recipe that I decided to wing!
We used Old Bay. Now for any non-marylanders reading this site...Old Bay is sort of the Holy Grail of seasonings in Maryland, we put it on everything...as you will soon find out.
Alright, same deal, in the skillet only seasoned with old bay, I did about 4 minutes on each side until it was flaky and able to pull apart with a fork.
mmm yum, look at that pretty color!
For those who may be interested in knowing what the box looks like :)

Now the asparagus was all Randy's doing, look how excited he was though to help me cook!
lol it got better, I promise.
He wanted to whip up some old bay asparagus, which was AMAZING.

While Randy was cooking the asparagus, I ate Red Velvet Cake and played with Boe:

(and that hairy man foot would be Randy's not mine, just for the record)

Ginger Sesame
Now..once that batch was finished it was time to work on mine!
This recipe is very easy although there are some changes I would make now that I have tasted the finished product.

First, I seasoned the filets with a little ground ginger and sesame seeds.

Then it was time to make the sauce,
I used 1/4 cup of teriyaki sauce, fresh grated ginger, and I just sauteed the ginger in the skillet for 30 seconds with a splash of sesame oil, and then added the teriyaki and let it heat for about a minute or two.

After my sauce was all nice and warmed and aromatic, I poured it over the sesame mahi mahi and garnished with some yummy green onions (I tossed these in the skillet for about 30 seconds for flavor)


Everything was really yummy, however I think next time I'll add a little brown sugar to the sauce because the teriyaki did make the dish quite saltier than I prefer...

I still had two helpings though!

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